The design of rubber diaphragm is particularly important


Rubber diaphragm is mainly used in flow, pressure, diff […]

Rubber diaphragm is mainly used in flow, pressure, differential, liquid level, constant temperature volume thermal compensation valves, control valves, automatic mechanical servo devices, switches and counters. The utility model has the advantages of high working reliability, good compounding, long working life and low cost. The rubber diaphragm has a long service life and can accurately synchronize with other control components to ensure pulse Compressed air injection. Even in extremely harsh working conditions, it can ensure its normal work and long service life.


Rubber diaphragm is generally the use of calendering process. The principle of calendering process: by using the extrusion force between the rollers of calendering machine, the material will produce plastic flow deformation, and finally make the film with certain section size and specified section geometry shape, or the process of covering the surface of a textile or metal fabric with rubber to make a rubberized cloth with a certain section thickness.

The specific product design: to see the actual use of the product work pressure, working environment, working frequency, the role played and other factors depend on; its sensitivity, life and product quality has a great relationship, so its design is particularly important.