Features of rolling diaphragm


Rolling the diaphragm can increase the pressure differe […]

Rolling the diaphragm can increase the pressure difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure of the pressure regulator.In the pressure regulator industry, this kind of diaphragm is called "balance diaphragm" in terms of use, while in the rubber, instrument, machinery and other industries, it is called "rolling diaphragm". It can replace the piston device under low pressure, and can also be used to manufacture displacement sensors.

Features of rolling diaphragm:
(1) The movement stroke is long, 3-7 times as much as that of the disc diaphragm and corrugated diaphragm.
(2) With the same diameter, material and thickness as the dished diaphragm and corrugated diaphragm, the pressure is the highest.
(3) The pressure area is constant in the movement stroke of the diaphragm, so stable push and pull can be obtained for the valve stem and disc.
(4) The movement process of the diaphragm is rolling between the inner wall of the sleeve and the outer surface of the tray, and the friction resistance is very small.
(5) The medium is allowed to contain particles, impurities, tar in gas, etc.

When the rolling diaphragm is used together, there must be a tray. After the rolling diaphragm is installed, under the action of gas pressure, the part between the tray and the inner wall of the sleeve becomes an arc. When the tray moves up and down, the arc rolls along the inner wall of the sleeve and the outer wall of the tray without sliding. Therefore, the name "rolling diaphragm" comes from.